Richard Donaldson LCSW

About Richard Donaldson LCSW

I was born in Orange, CA on March 15, 1946. I grew up in Orange County, CA and graduated from Loma Linda University with a Bachelors degree in theology. I began my first career as a pastor for 20 years in Oregon and Central California. I was a youth pastor, a religion teacher and senior pastor. As a pastor I enjoyed counseling so I decided to get specialized training in this area. I received my Master's degree in Social Work at Portland State University in 1985. I was licensed by the State of California as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in 1991.

I began my second career as a full time counselor in 1991, serving Stanislaus County Mental Health Department for 17 years. During this time I began my private counseling practice in Turlock.

As a Christian and a former pastor I am able to work with Christian clients who want their spiritual beliefs to be part of their counseling process. I also am able to help people who are struggling with painful spiritual difficulties. I am respectful of people who have no faith, or another faith. If you choose me as your counselor, I will accept you where you are and help you reach your goals for healing.

I am married with two adult daughters and 7 grandchildren.

In my life, I have struggled with my own challenges. I have gained wisdom and insights from my life experience. I bring my professional training, my life experience and the wisdom gained from my years as a counselor to my clients. My counseling office is a safe place to honestly face challenges and pain. I am a good listener.
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